I Love You. Keep Going. Bracelet



The I love you. Keep going. hand stamped bracelet, designed by Sue Izzo, was created to be a reminder that no matter how tough life gets know that you are loved and to always keep going. It begins with loving yourself first and foremost and to believe in your strength to persevere.   From there the I love you. Keep going. bracelet is meant to be shared with people in your life who also need to be reminded that they are loved and to encourage them to keep going.  Always remember, I love you. Keep going. 


  • Bracelet width 1/8” width
  • Material Copper (rose gold color)
  • Adjustable
  • Handmade


About Copper Jewelry:

We use untreated and uncoated brass and copper for our jewelry. These metals naturally turn darker when exposed to the air and can also interact with the chemicals in your skin. Most people accept the color change as part of owning copper and brass jewelry, but you can keep them polished with the polishing pad that we include with your order.
Some people can have a reaction to these metals that will cause their skin to turn green. The green color is not harmful and will wash off. If this occurs, you can coat the metal with clear nail polish, which creates a barrier between the metal and your skin.