"Doing what you like is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness"

I grew up in Norway and started traveling the world as a professional snowboarder shortly after high school.  Chasing winter from one continent to another. I rode for Burton Snowboards for 9 years. Among many other events over the years, I notably competed in the 1998 Olympics and in multiple X-Games.

 When I look back on that amazing time, it’s not the competitions that stand out in my mind. It’s the surroundings, the nature, and the different cultures that enliven my memories most. Places such as Norway, still home in my heart though I have lived in Southern California for many years now. The lakes, mountains, and rivers of stunning New Zealand. Japan, from the busy streets of Tokyo to the quiet mountain towns in the North, where you find yourself immersed with the nicest and most polite people in the world. The majestic mountains and deep history of the European Alps that span the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France. Not to mention the Andes of South America and their breathtaking sunsets.

 Multiple knee injuries led to my retirement from professional Snowboarding and me shifting focus to new opportunities in my next chapter. Reflecting on all the beautiful places I had been and the memories made, I realized with gratitude that I was not even thirty and had experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. I settled in Southern California with my husband and embarked on a new adventure in parenthood. I'm not gonna lie, the slower pace took some adaptation. Embracing life in one place, I discovered a whole new kind of happiness. A talent for design was revealed and I began freelance work with various outerwear brands.  

 Uliv was born in Southern California shortly after. I discovered a passion for life's simplicities. I wanted to merge this passion for living, with the passion of my work. What began as a simple idea soon became an ever-growing vision.

 I wanted to create products that would share their love for simple design + flawless quality. Growing up in Norway, I wanted to combine that clean, moden Scandinavian sensibility to the West Coast effortless aesthetic. 

 The first product concept for “the perfect beach towel” was soon created. I had found the perfect product that met every requirement:

utility + simplicity + beauty.

Linen became my fabric of choice as it was the perfect textile for every product I envisioned. Click here to read more about linen and why Uliv is crushing so hard on this dreamy fabric. 

 Uliv is about living on your own terms, with freedom and happiness. While the conceptualization of Ulivs products emerges from my own experiences + vision, our intention is that you, the customer, is inspired to use them in YOUR own way, creating YOUR own stories.

It begins with us, but lives on with you.

How do Uliv?